New Venture Creation

Starting and running your own company


New venture creations

Welcome to new venture creation – starting and running your own company. This course is all about entrepreneurial actions and effects. Entrepreneurship is here defined as the creation of a new economic activity, which includes discovery and exploration of innovative venture opportunities as well as recognition and exploitation of reproducing venture opportunities. Entrepreneurship includes macro issues such as providing explanations to economic development, but the focus in this course is micro level issues such as exploration and exploitation of new venture opportunities on an individual level.


The starting point for this endeavor is your business idea. You are required to have a business idea at the start of the course and at the end of the course you should be able to decide on whether or not this was a true and productive business idea. The evolution of the course follows the evolution of a business coming into existence and your part in this process is essential.


The idea of this course is that learning results from the cause and effect both in the entrepreneurial and in your individual learning process. A typical course module consists of selected readings, study assignments, and a lecture. There could also be a guest presentation about the topic at hand. The central idea is built around entrepreneurial behavior and effects. You are required to do something in each module. The course is also based on a process, which suggests that you are present at all times (Participation is compulsory). There is a hand in assignment for each examination module and you are required to upload your solution at each module. No late submissions will be accepted, nor graded. It is always hard work to be an entrepreneur but sometimes it actually pays off, both in terms of personal freedom and in terms of monetary reward.

Entrepreneurship is closely associated with creating new business ventures, whether in relation to independent new-start firms or large, well-established firms. Most literature on entrepreneurship is about the new venture creation process in small firms and their different phases of progression from pre-start up, through early- stage development to rapid growth. New venture creation is a phenomenon that seems to have been in the nature of mankind through eras stretching back to antiquity. But the last twenty years has perhaps witnessed the most dynamic changes in society in general regarding interest in new business creation and entrepreneurship.


The creation of new ventures is not only heralded as being of great economic importance to society; it has also become accepted and legitimized by society on a much wider scope than the earlier part of the 20th Century. This change in society’s perception of new venture creation has taken place in harmony with new concepts of what new venture creation and entrepreneurship is all about. Today, concepts of new venture creation and entrepreneurship are applied to all types of organizations, in both the private and public sector. In all types of organization, there appears to be a resurgence of interest in new venture creation and on understanding factors that may lead to higher levels of innovation and greater success. This is especially the case for small firms at an early-stage of development.




Global Business Labs Sida




  • A tested course for entrepreneurship based on research and experience from more than 1000 start-up companies.
  • Focus on critical processes from idea through market research, team, sales, pricing, financing etc to business.
  • The programme is expected to stretch over a period of 5-6 months with 3 block teaching weeks.




  • Develop knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Learn how to start and run your own business.
  • Become a more attractive employee with intrapreneurial skills.


Who & how?


  • Everyone is welcome to apply.
  • Application requires a personal letter of motivation. The letter should also state whether the student has any relevant previous experiences.




  • Dr. Mikael Samuelsson: Global Business Labs
  • Priya Iyer: Botho University


For more information you may email to:

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